10 Outsourcing Mistakes You Are Making


As your internet business grows you will no doubt have to outsource some work, or you may outsource software development tasks or site building or any other multitude of tasks.

But are you making mistakes that are costing you money – actually money aside, it could be costing you VALUABLE time that once gone can not be regained.

Chris Compton has created a special report called 10 Outsourcing Mistakes.

Internet BusinessHave you made any of these 10 Outsourcing Mistakes?

http://www.outsourcingmistakes.com/go.php/85487 - yes, this is an affiliate link and I get $1.00 for every referral.  Don’t want me to make $1.00?  NO problem – just chop off everything after the .COM

I downloaded the PDF and went through it quickly, then sat down and read it.  Here are my thoughts:

  • An excellent product – the text is not “triple-spaced” to make it look like a 100 page behemoth but it is a manageable 14 pages long and very easy to read.
  • The advice given is probably common sense – but it amazes me (being someone that manages projects in my career and frequently has to hire and fire) that the information is still very relavent even to what I do in my day job!

I went through the pdf end-to-end and could not find anything to complain about.  I even tried being nit-picky about stupid things like spelling or grammar!  Chris has done a great job on this PDF and I would highly recommend that you download it.


Internet Business

P.S.  Please note that up to know, I have not recommended any product nor do I recommend products for the sake of recommending them.  But this is one item that I think you should grab — it’s FREE!  You can not beat that.

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