Life Altering Events


I read a post recently on Jack Keifers’ blog – you can read the full post here

It is really an interesting article – he talks about a movie called The Secret, which talks about the law of attraction and building in your minds eye a reality that you wish to create.

He also talks about the key to getting what you have visualized – that being, action.

One comment he makes in his post is…

“Once you create this in the non physical realm, then various signs, opportunities, etc., will begin to manifest themselves.  This is the point where you must recognize these things and seize the opportunity, or pursue the new friend who has stumbled into your life.  Whatever the manifestation, this is the result of what you created and it is trying to materialize into physical reality.”

I am a firm believer in this, always have and always will.  I believe that certain events take place in your life that lead you to your ultimate goals.

Let me share a few with you:

  1. One of my goals had been to get into a management position.  I’d find positions, but for one reason or another they didn’t feel right.  Then the opportunity came up for us to relocate.  With that opportunity came the offer from my current employer, which lead to my current position.
  2. Years ago, my wife and I were told we could not have children.  Around that time, I just happened to go into a natural medicine/products store and saw a $100 book on natural remedies.  It also went into accu-pressure.  That led to me learing accu-pressure, and led to my wife going for accupuncture and today we have a tall, handsome and energetic 4 year old.
  3. I drove an old car for years – it was really ready to fall apart.  Then I saw a commercial on TV and decided to go look for a new car (no, I wasn’t suckered into it because of the TV).  Eventually I did buy the car.  Lucky that I did, because a few years after that purchase we moved to a much bigger city where my old car wouldn’t have cut it — too much travelling time going from point A to point B.

Are these all coincidence or is it a case of hind-sight?  Perhaps both?  Perhaps it’s taking the opportunity or at the least investigating the opportunity when it presented itself.

In the first case – after starting with the company I’m currently at I had another opportunity came up – just as good.  I turned it down, but always wondered if I should have taken it.  Today I’m glad that I did not.  The opportunity that manifested itself has meant that I’ve been able to meet many of my short-term career goals.

Most people will see these little events as just that — events, and not think about the long-term results of the event.

How many events have passed you by, that may have been blessings in disguise?  How many more will you turn away?  Will you see the next event as that blessing and act on it?



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