350 Resources You Need To Make Money Online

As you begin to explore make money online opportunities, you no doubt will need the right tools to do the job.  Gauher Chaudry provides a comprehensive list of 350 resources on the internet that you can access (most for free) to help you make money online.

Here is a sampling of the list, to view the entire list – scroll down, and click on the link:

Contextual Networks

Google Adsense http://adsense.google.com
Valueclick http://www.valueclick.com
Kontera http://www.kontera.com
Pulse360 http://www.pulse360.com
Adbrite http://www.adbrite.com
Chikita http://chitika.com
Clicksor http://www.clicksor.com
Contextweb http://www.contextweb.com
Bidclix http://www.bidclix.com
Bidvertiser http://www.bidvertiser.com
RevenuePilot http://www.revenuepilot.com

Social Media Ad Platforms

MySpace Ads https://www.myads.com
FacebookAds http://www.facebook.com/advertising
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/directads/start
Twitter.com http://www.twitter.com
Sponsored Tweets http://sponsoredtweets.com

Keyword Spy Tools

Keywordspy http://www.keywordspy.com
Spyfu http://www.spyfu.com
PPC Bully http://www.ppcbully.com
KeyCompete https://yieldbuild.com
Compete http://compete.com

Website Analytics

Statscounter http://www.statscounter.com
Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics
OneStat http://www.google.com/analytics
Yahoo Web Analytics http://web.analytics.yahoo.com
eWebAnalytics http://www.ewebanalytics.com

Keyword Research Tools

Google http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
Good Keywords http://www.goodkeywords.com
Traffic Travis http://www.traffictravis.com
SEO Book http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook
Wordpot http://www.wordpot.com
Word Tracker http://www.wordtracker.com
KWBrowse http://www.kwbrowse.com
Spacky http://www.spacky.com
Nichebot http://www.nichebot.com
Quintura http://www.quintura.com
Keyword Elite http://www.keywordelite.com

Article Directories

Ezine Articles http://www.ezinearticles.com
Go Articles http://www.goarticles.com
Articlebase http://www.articlesbase.com
Article Alley http://www.articlealley.com
Article Snatch http://www.articlesnatch.com
Helium http://www.helium.com
Article Dashboard http://www.articledashboard.com
Article City http://www.articlecity.com
Articles888 http://www.articles888.com
Article Rich http://www.articlerich.com

There are many more article directories out there, including some specialty directories but this will get you started.  The list that has been provides is by no means exhaustive, and many of the tools we use are listed in this list.

To view the full list, click on over to Gauher Chaudrys website and grab the entire rolodex of entries.

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