4 Keys For A Highly Successful Blog

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Is your Internet Business blog not doing as well as it should?  What can you do to turbocharge your blog and attract visitors?  It is as simple as these 4 keys…

Key #1 – Select a topic, and stick to it.  If you are writing about making money – stick to the topic!  Don’t go off on tangents that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic.  It is fine to interject a story from time-to-time to show that you live what you blog about.  For example, if adding a post about a recently holiday can be tied to the fact that it’s because of your internet business that you can take time off to take such a holiday — then by all means, post it!  But if you’re going to talk about something totally not related to your topic, skip it!  Don’t confuse your readers.

Key #2 – Conversational tone.  Don’t preach!  Your post should flow naturally, as if you are speaking to someone face-to-face and in fact you are.  I’m speaking to you right now, so blog in the same manner.  Write naturally but at the same time do pay attention to your spelling and grammer (or is that grammar)  :-)   You want to be able to relate to others, but at the same time make sure you that at least check the spelling.

Key #3 – Content. Content. Content.  Remember when you read everywhere that Content is King.  Surprise – it still is.  Post drivel, and you won’t have any readers — just a dead blog.  I try and post daily and as much as 2x or 3x per day.  I see it in my traffic stats.  Couple of days ago, I posted late at night and my stats reflected that.  The other day I posted three times and my stats clearly show that.  Search engines love content, why not give them what they love?

Key #4 – Sales pages SUCK!  If your blog has been set-up to give information, GIVE INFORMATION.  Do NOT trick your visitors by throwing up a sales page.  It’s a matter of trust.  You must gain your visitors trust if they are to every buy anything from you.  Once you have their trust, then it is OK to provide them with products — after all isn’t that why you’re setting up a business blog in the first place?

There you have it.  4 Keys For A Highly Successful Blog – of course there are other things you can do to increase your visitors, but these are the 4 most basic principles you should be sticking to to get traffic to your internet business blog.



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