5 Habits Of Successful Bloggers


Here are the 5 habits that will make YOU (yes – YOU) a successful blogger.

Success Habit #1

Posting Frequently To Your Blog – if you have built up a strong readership to your blog, you want to keep your readers entertained with new and useful information.  They will not mind funny stuff, but you want to keep them entertained.  To do this, you must blog frequently – depending on the type of blog probably 1-2 times per day is reasonable.  Any more and you may scare your visitors away, and any less and they’ll figure you’re not keeping your site updated and they will drift away.

Success Habit #2

Adding The Personal Touch – are you making use of ghostwriters?  Do you use article writers to write posts?  Yes?  No?  Are you adding YOUR personal touch to your posts?  TELL A STORY!  You are telling a story, so add something personal to your posts.  Entertain your visitors!  Look at your writing.  Does it sound like your blog entries are meant for your companies corporate site?  Then it’s probably too bizzy.

Success Habit #3

Commenting On Other Blogs & Taking Part In Your Own – commenting has been talked to death.  If you still don’t get it – you’re hopeless.  Sorry.  Enough said.

Success Habit #4

Patience Really Is A Virtue – be patient.  Your blog will not attract droves instantly.  Some bloggers have been able to pull the rabbit out of the magic hat, but they had a plan in place before they started.  If you don’t have the luxury of quitting your full-time job to become a professional blogger – no worries!  Take your time at it, the money, fame and fortune will follow.  It will take at least 6 months for your blog to gain a loyal following.  No, you don’t get groupies out of the deal.

Success Habit #5

Link To Other Blogs – this helps spread link luv, it lets the other bloggers know that you appreciate them and their work and in 99.99% of the cases they will probably link back to you at some point.  Don’t be stingy with the links!

Success Habit #6

Advanced Posting – since you’ve been good, here is a bonus tip.  Post in ADVANCE.  If you can, sit down and do some research, brain storm then write 3-5 posts and timestamp them for future dates.  Trust my, you’ll thank me!

There you have it 5…er, well 6 habits of highly successful bloggers!  Do you have others that you care to share?  Please post your comment here and I will include it in a follow-up post along with your sites URL.

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