A Startling Discovery!


A couple of posts ago (8 WordPress Plugins You Must Have For Your WordPress Blog) I mentioned a plugin called Related Posts.  I have since installed that plug-in, in addition to a few others so that I can track how far and deep the BIG 3 search engines scour the site.

I use another plugin called Crawl Rate Tracker written by Patrick Altoft to see how far the SE’s are scanning the site.

I discovered two things:

  1. Prior to installing Related Posts, eventhough I was getting SEs indexing the site they were dependent on links found through tags and via posts that refer back to other posts.  I had installed Crawl Rate Tracker prior to installing Related Posts plugin and noticed that the SEs were not hitting the deep links on the blog on posts from Day 1.  I tried one SEO technique, that is to refer to previous posts when applicable and that helped — but you need to be consistent.
  2. I installed Related Posts only a few days ago and noticed via Crawl Rate Tracker that more pages are getting indexed (or atleast visited) by the search engines!

I also noticed this:

Internet Business

That is the URL to my feed – did you notice that the relates posts also show up there?

When I checked my Crawl Rate Tracker stats, this url http://www.oibo.org/feed was the second most visited url on the site.  The first, of course, being http://www.oibo.org.  So this tells me that as the SE’s crawl my site and they hit the FEED they will be able to crawl even more and get down and deep within all the posts instead of what is on the front page only.

Related posts only show up on single post pages, they will not show up on the main blog page.

I am going to continue to watch Crawl Rate Tracker to see how well the SEs respond to the Related Posts and will report back my findings.



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