Absolutely FREE Amazon Plugins You Need

Looking to corner the market for specific Amazon products?  In addition to the dozens of paid plugins out there for WordPress, here are two FREE ONES that will help you take advantage of Amazon.

WordPress-Amazon-Associate – download it from WP directly.

The WPAA plugin enables you to monetize your website through the use of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. By entering your amazon associate id for Amazon’s supported locales you will earn referral fees for all products users purchase through your website. The Plugin features tinyMCE editor support for searching and inserting of amazon products and images into your content, content replacement of static links with your associate tag, and support for inserting Amazon Widgets through WordPress ShortCode, tinyMCE editor controls, Widget Admin, or PHP code.

Key Features

  1. Amazon Widget Support
    MP3 Clips
    My Favorites
    Product Cloud
  2. Amazon Product Linking
  3. Amazon Product Link Associate Tag filtering & update with rel=”nofollow”
  4. Amazon Product Preview
  5. Amazon Link & Widget Geo-Localization
  6. Multi-Author Support
  7. Amazon Product Advertising API Caching
  8. Complete Administrative control
  9. MPMU Compatible

This next plugin is not specifically for Amazon but allows you to convert specific keywords in ALL your post to links! There are similar paid versions of this plugin. We like this, and one other called REDIRECTION.  We like this one quite a bit and use it extensively in our network.


Provide an interface to add your affiliate links and associate them with keywords. The affiliate links will be added to all the terms specified found in your content.

What you get is an administration page where you add all your affiliate links you want displayed on your blog, and where you can activate and de-activate the plugin.

When you add a link, you need to specify keywords that will be used to match the content from your website. Whenever tht keyword is displayed, a link to the affiliate website is added.

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