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Several posts ago,, I talked about the importance of backing up your data.  You can download the FREE guide right here

Mieke over at asked this:

Just finished reading your [free] report. Thanks for the clear info.

However, if you have several sites on different servers, this method takes up a lot of bandwith. My ISP only allows me to up- and download 10GB every month – when I backup all my sites once, I use half of that. And backing up only once a month is not such a good idea, since I’m pretty active :o )

I was wondering if you know about any solutions that won’t require a full download every time again – so I can save my bandwidth to build my ebiz?

In fact there are solutions available right now that can eliminate the need to download to your local PC (though that is still one of the best solutions).

What you would need to do is look for an online service that allows you to online storage solutions – and you would basically FTP from your website that hosts the backup file TO the online storage solutions site.

So this is how it would work:

  1. Create your back-up on YOUR site and allow cPanel to save the backup to the default location.
  2. Create a free account over at iDrive, xDrive or any other online storage solution site, or set-up a domain that you would use exclusively for backups and have it hosted at a provider that provides higher guarantee of up-time and regular backups of your sites.
  3. When your backup is created on your site(s) – FTP them to your free account using the online storage solution you selected in step 2 above.

FTP from host to host is much (MUCH) faster than FTP to your PC then to a host.  Host to host is faster since both providers are probably running their sites on T1 or higher lines.

When I used to run my AdSense page creator site, many users would create AdSense sites that were in the gigabytes.  Downloading to your PC then back to your host was not an option.  I set-up a feature where they could FTP directly to their host from their account.

A 10gb file could get transmitted in as little as 2 minutes.

Host to host FTP is the best solution when transfering backups from multiple sites you own, especially when the size of the files can eat away at your bandwidth provided by your ISP.

Download the free guide here


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