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In my last post I said I would expand on #5 – Bum Marketing or Article Marketing.

First off one of the URLs I provided to provide a free and pay service to market your articles.  I have not used them, so don’t know what their service is like.

Even when marketing your site/services/products using articles, there are some common sense guidelines to follow.

  1. Keep the article focused on one subject – don’t go down several paths or talk about things that are not even part of the focus of the article.
  2. Keep them short!  Generally 300-500 words but definately less than 1000 words.  The article should only be a teaser to get them to your site.
  3. Follow the article submission guidelines.  Your articles will get banned or rejected if you don’t follow the article directories guidelines.
  4. Your article should be a pre-sell.  Remember you want them to visit your site, therefore don’t write about one topic while you are trying to lead the visitor to a site about something totally different.  It won’t work.
  5. As you write your articles, you are branding yourself as an expert in that topic.  Think about this as you write, about the image you want people to see.
  6. Proof read!  Check for spelling and grammar.  Nothing worse than reading an article that has a lot of errors and poor grammar.
  7. Use your ACTIVE voice – don’t tell them what they COULD DO tell them WHAT TO DO.

Most article directory sites will also allow you to provide a resource box.

The resource box basically tells the reader a little about you, and where to go to get more information (hopefully your website).  Some common guidelines (well, only two) to follow:

  1. Include:

    Your Name

    URL to your site

    Your unique selling point?  What sets you apart from the crowd?  For example, my site provides a “Fresh Perspective on Running a Successful Internet Business“.

    Call to Action – don’t just present the information, tell the reader WHAT TO DO!  “Click Here to get more Fresh Perspectives on Running a Successful Internet Business”.



    Affiliate links

    Brag about yourself / thump your own chest / go on, and on, and on about yourself.  It is NOT about you – but them.  Remember that!

Here is an example of a resource box:

Mohamed Bhimji is the owner of Online Internet Business Opportunities, and provides a Fresh Perspective on Running a Successful Internet Business.  Click Here for More Information.

It is that simple — yes, that is pretty simple but it gets the basic information across.  You can make your resource box a little better in terms of its content, just ensure you are providing information instead of spamming.

Here is another one (links removed):

Karen Scharf helps small business owners attract and retain more clients. Karen coaches and trains website owners on various tricks and techniques that have been proven to increase website conversion. She offers coaching programs and a Marketing Makeover to turn your ineffective advertising into a profit-pulling system. Grab your FREE checklists, whitepapers and reports at – You can also get a FREE subscription to Successful Site Secrets at

Notice that the resource box tells you about the author, what they do and how they can help you.  It also tells the reader where they can get FREE stuff from.

It contains the authors name, the URL, and her USP (unique selling point) which is “helps small business owners attract and retain more clients”.

Does your resource box measure up?



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