Affiliate Marketing Tips – Server Log Files for Keyword Research

Affiliate marketing is all about getting thousands of visitors to your site every day, doing a good job of pre-selling which forces the visitor to click on an affiliate link for the product or service you are trying to get commission on and then hopefully they buy the product once they get to the site selling the product/service.  It’s a numbers game, and every visitor counts.

There are a couple of things you need to be able to do really well.  The first one is write, because that is one of the cornerstones of internet marketing, and affiliate marketing.  If you go down the route of article marketing, then you’ll need to know how to write.  Of course you could always outsource your writing but if you are just starting out that can get expensive fast.

If you will be blogging about products that can be purchased through the multitudes of affiliate companies out there like ClickBank, Amazon, Shareasale, and others then you’ll also need to know how to write.

Hopefully I’ve established that writing is important.

Next you will need to know some SEO.  It’s not as mysterious as it sounds, and anyone can do it.  This is where your keyword research and niche research come into play.  You will use the research to write articles and posts, utilizing specific keywords that people are using to find those products or services.

This is where your server log files become very useful, and a treasure trove of information.

You see when Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other lesser known search engines crawl your site they are going to look at each word and phrase on your site to build their index.  Then when a user (you or I) go to one of those search engines and key in those words and phrases, it will of course return the results back to you.  Now the hope is that if you’ve made good use of keywords for your posts or articles or inbound links, those are the words that draw visitors to your site but it might not be the case.

For example your site could be all about widgets, however there may be an odd phrase that is drawing visitors to your site.  The only way to see this would be through your server log files.  By examining them you can see what keyword phrases are driving visitors to your site.  You may discover that the keyword you are optimizing some posts for is getting few visits but that some other keyword phrases are actually what is driving visitors to your site.  Weird how search engines work.

As you comb through your log files you’ll also find other keyword ideas and using this information you can create more targetted articles, posts and inbound links to drive even more visitors to your site and hopefully pre-sell well enough that the visitor is compelled to click on your affiliate links and finally purchase the product or service.

Your server log files hold a lot of valuable information, don’t discount that information.  Treasure it, keep them and use them to your advantage.

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