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Looking for good affiliate programs is usually a hit and miss for new affiliates, or those trying their hand at Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online. You jump from program, to program trying to get the basics of the program.

As a result, most new affiliates will stick to the “big” guys out there and never even look at some of the other programs available that might be a better fit.

There isn’t anything wrong with the big guys - they may offer a higher payout and provide more perks (like marketing material) but it takes time to join their programs as they have thousands of people applying for them.  They may have stricter guidelines that will automatically reject websites without PR, or low Alexa scores.

So why not look at all the various programs offered out there?

Here is one blog – 5 Star Affiliate Programs Blog - that provides useful information for new (and existing) affiliates.

Read their About page – from what I can tell, 5 Star Affiliate is an affiliate manager that represents high paying, high integrity affiliate programs:

5 Star Affiliate Programs represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. Some of our 5 Star programs have paid out over $10K per month to some of their affiliates. Most 5 Star programs offer *FREE datafeeds* and also datafeed tools that help partners build custom, content-rich pages or complete sites filled with thousands of products quickly and easily.

They offer several great features that will be a benefit to those looking for affiliate programs:

  1. 5 Star Affiliate Directory – lists several top performing affiliate programs that are administered through the Google Affiliate Network.
  2. Forum – forums seem to be busy, without having done any detailed analysis or views most topics appeared to have current postings.  Topics range from the typical Welcome/Introduce Yourself to Newbie, Niche Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.  Some of the most recent topics were “3 Reasons Why Smaller Niches Equal Bigger Profits“, ”What Is Your Criteria For Going Ahead With A Niche?” to “Niche Domain Keyword Questions” and “SEO Keyword Research For Your Niche“.  Of course, there are dozens of other topics.  One thing that I did not see a lot of was general internet marketing fluff – which is a good thing.  All too often sites like these become havens for internet marketing opportunists that know they will be able to see useless e-books, courses and other crap to newbies (these opportunists are the bottom feeders – can’t make it anywhere else, so they target the newbies).

Their blog offers some good affiliate marketing information as well.  Here are a few selected posts that I enjoyed:

How long as 5 Start Affiliate Programs been around?  Looking at the blog archives only, the first archives go back to December 2004.  I didn’t check the WHOIS records, because in many cases they are meaningless (example – so what if you registered your domain in January 2000 – your site went live January 2008).  However I did check the Internet Archives WayBack Machine and saw that the first page archived was in 2003.

Overall not a bad site, but remember there are plenty of other affiliate directories out there that provide links to more programs, and greater depth of coverage.

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