Amazonian Profit Plan Exposed!

There are hundreds of e-books out there, covering every topic imaginable – from Adsense to Amazon to Twitter to whatever you can think of.  Each book and their writer(s) put their own spin into generating income from their respective chosen paths.

We’ve read about an individual that makes $300 – $500 per day from AdSense – Adsense isn’t dead, and you can make money from it (some of our niches are converting at a high rate and generating easily between $20 and $40 per day without any work).  We’ll write about his e-book a little later.

Then there is Amazon – tough to compete with the worlds largest online retailer, isn’t it?  So why compete?  Why not work with them.  You can do it as an Amazon affiliate.  In our previous post – Amazonian Profit Plan – we quickly dove into the ebook without providing a real review of the product.  We just wanted to get the message out.  Finally we’ve found the time to sit down and read it from end-to-end.

Before we start – Robert and I rarely offer reviews of IM products because much of the stuff out there is junk.  We will only review those products, which after having purchased them there appears to be some value to our readers and visitors.

Here is out take on it.

Their sales page sucks.  Plain, simple and boring.  But it is straight to the point.  They do not beat around the bush, they do not bombard you with dozens and dozens of reviews or screenshots of how much they earn.  This is not your typical guruish sales page.  It is a refreshing, and revitalizing sales page that tells you what the product is, why you need it, followed by a glaring warning and the call to action — if you want to call it that.

In all honesty – their sales page is an example of what a sales page should not look like.  And it works.  We were hooked and so have dozens of others that have purchased the book and left us feedback.

Now don’t consider the negative review of their webpage an indication of what their ebook is like.  The fact that they’ve decided to concentrate on the contents of the books versus the contents of their sales page should tell you something about the way they work.

Lets dissect the book now…

First up – is it worth the $97.00.  No - the Amazonian Profit Plan e-book IS NOT worth $97.00.  In fact, it is worth quite a bit more.  Lets go into it…

The table-of-contents, and introductions take-up a measly 6 pages of the book.  That means the rest of this is meat and potatoes.  Contrast that to other ebooks we’ve purchased for review and they are double-spaced, 14-point fonts and stretch for 200 pages but the first 30 are brag pages about how much money they make and why you’ve made the right decision to buy their ebook.

Not so with this gem.

The authors tell you a little about themselves, a couple of links back to their main website and that’s it.  From there they dive right into how YOU can make money from Amazon.

The first thing that you get to feast your eyes on is How Does This Work.  This single page sets the tone for the entire ebook.  You’re quickly shown the 6-steps needed to make money from Amazon.

They go into why you would want to work with Amazon, discuss the commission structure and a quick guide into signing up with Amazon Associates program.

There is very little fluff in the book – and in fact if you go to their sales page, you’re shown this message in BIG BOLD and RED:

If you have no experience building a website or blog then this program is not for you. We do not go into detail on how to create a blog or build a website of any type. You will need to have a website in place or know how to build one for this method to work.

Few – if any writers would end their sales letter with such a glaring warning to would be purchasers.  In fact most will hide this in small font, light-gray so that you do not see the negative message and in its place will give you the hard sell.

Quite frankly, we’re amazed at their audacity and gaul in trying to get us to shy away from their amazing e-book.  Really, we are.  Just who the hell do these ladies think they are?  Don’t they want everyone to make money following their simple 6-step money making process?

The next few chapters are dedicated to breaking down their 6-step Amazon money making process even further and they do an excellent job of explaining each step and how to complete it.

For example one of the the “tips” they provide is that instead of selecting a niche, select the products.  With the Amazon Associates commission structure what it is, you can only make a real income if you are promoting the higher priced products – and while niche marketing is a reality that you need to contend with their is wisdom in their words.

Step #1 (selecting products instead of niches) breaks down the process into 5 additional steps – when reading these, they are common sense but guaranteed that most people will not even think about them – rather they will look for the opposite.

They do a good job of working through one product as an example, but from time-to-time jump in with another entirely different product.  I don’t like these types of examples, I much prefer starting with one item and working it all the way through without distracting the reader with something that may be irrelevant.  Instead I would have worked the additional points into the ebook using the same example.  But this does not detract you from learning their process.

The one area that they didn’t go into as much detail as I would have liked is keyword research, however they do a good job of going over this important factor in building product reviews and using the information in building traffic to your site.  That said they could have also written dozens of pages on the intricacies of keyword research which would have taken away from the goal of their ebook which has been to teach you how to earn a living using Amazon.

The key to their entire process is Step #4 — shown below (we ripped a page out of their ebook to show you)…

Sorry… we won’t kiss and tell!  You will just have to buy the Amazonian Profit Plan e-book to know what the key step is.  Just how important is this step?  It starts at page 31 in the ebook and goes all the way to page 44.  While that may not seem like a lot, it is the heart of the ebook.  Following this single step “is going to make the sale for you.”.

The final few pages of the ebook go into promoting and getting traffic to your site, again I wish they had expanded upon this but again the goal of their ebook is to teach you how to make money on Amazon.

They also include several attachments (7 in all), including a full product review on an Amazon product.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed reading Amazonian Profit Plan.  It is very well written, and although aimed at an intermediate marketer (in our opinion) anyone will be able to learn from it and put the practices and processes that they provide to good use.

UPDATE August 3, 2010

We’ve been working with the Amazonian Profit Plan on one of our sites that already does a reasonable amount in Amazon sales.  We followed the suggestions from the e-book and have seen a moderate increase in visitors to the site plus an equal increase in orders from Amazon.  Does their system work?  You BET IT DOES!  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase Amazonian Profit Plan if you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing and using Amazon as your primary method of making money.  This is one of the very few e-books that we have purchased, printed out and had professionally binded for easier reference.

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