Amazonian Profit Plan

Several posts ago – Becoming A Successful Amazon Affiliate –  we briefly mentioned these two ladies who are making on average $10,000.00 per month using Amazon.  They have finally put an ebook together to explain their process.

Here is some information from their website:

After revealing our income on our internet marketing blog one day, we were literally bombarded with requests to write up an ebook to explain how we do it. We were reluctant at first but then figured there are literally tens of thousands of products in Amazon so it’s not like the market will become saturated anytime soon. It also took us quite a while to complete it as we wanted to include every step. We didn’t want to leave anything out.

So finally here today, we offer our complete blueprint for making money online with the Amazon Associates Program. This is 75 pages of solid step-by-step information – and no we didn’t double-space or use a huge font so it is actually 75 pages.

  • Our complete criteria for selecting Amazon products that convert – our 5 step selection criteria can make the difference between choosing a product that converts or one that is a complete flop.
  • A complete step-by-step to creating a product review from start to finish using an actual example – we include how to write the content, the title, where to insert images, how to write your introduction and conclusion and other critical information you need to create a highly converting product review.
  • Where to include Amazon affiliate links in your product – we will tell you exactly where to include those product links, how many times in each review and we also include a step-by-step to inserting affiliate links behind images.
  • How to write about the negatives – in order to be completely honest with your readers, you need to include the negatives in your review – we tell you how to do it without destroying your review.
  • How to tell if a product will get traffic – there’s no point writing a review if you aren’t going to get any traffic to the page – we’ll explain how to determine if a product is going to generate enough visitors for you.
  • How to get traffic to your product reviews – we reveal our number 1 method for generating traffic to our product review websites and provide a step-by-step on how to do it.

Now while there are tons of ebooks on the web about making money on Amazon, this one looks like it will actually deliver.  However I think that the $97.00 price tag is a bit steep – but then, if you can put some of the strategies to work several dozen sales later and you will have paid for the book and quite possibly if you manage to bring your income to their levels you’ve invested quite nicely.

Is the book Amazonian Profit Plan a SCAM?  Should you plunk down $97.00 for the Amazonian Profit Plan and DOWNLOAD it?  If you are an information packrat and just like having everything – sure.  But if you’re someone who will take action, and does take action and wants to learn more – then the Amazonian Profit Plan is well worth the investment.

Purchase your copy of the Amazonian Profit Plan RIGHT NOW.

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