Apple iPhone Coming To (Canada) Rogers July 11

Apple iPhone RogersIt is official!  The iPhone is coming, legitimately to Canada on July 11, 2008 via Rogers.  I know many people that purchased from the US and were using them here on either Rogers or Fido network…

I’m definately looking forward to picking up one of these puppies!  I was going to get a iTouch, but the iPhone has all that + cell phone!  What more could you want?

But now to wait and see how much they will sell the phone for and how much the plans will be going for.  The biggest problem, of course, is that the plans are bloody expensive!  If worst comes to worst, I’ll cancel my Telus contract and foot the $200.00 bill and jump onto Rogers.  With number portability, atleast I can keep my cell phone number!

And NO this is not an early April Fools joke!  Check out the release:

More from

An exact date for the iPhone’s launch into Canada has finally been confirmed: as of July 11, the latest, 3G iPhone will be available through Rogers Wireless stores.

The new 3G model, debuted at the Apple Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, CA today, includes features like built-in GPS, compatibility with “hundred” of third-party applications built with the new iPhone SDK, and 2.0 software with support for Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, which could help to make it a fierce competitor to the popular BlackBerry. Anotherr feature that will appeal to the business customer is called MobileMe, which will effectively “push” e-mails, contact, and calendar information from an online “cloud” to native applications. A MobileMe gallery served as a repository and sharing site for photos snapped using the iPhone.  As icing on the cake, a new “App Store” includes various applications, ranging from gaming to business, sports, health, and travel-related activities.

Like its predecessor, the next-generation iPhone works on WiFi networks, as well as cellular high-speed. The phone has a rated 5-hours of talk time, up to 5 or 6 hours of web browsing, and 7 hours of video playback. Audio can be played back for up to 24 hours on a full charge of the battery.

“We’re excited to be working with Rogers to bring iPhone 3G to Canada,” added Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “We can’t wait to get this revolutionary phone in the hands of even more people around the world.”

Although I was unable to gather Canadian pricing information from Rogers (TBA), we do know that the device will sell in the U.S. for $199 for the 8 GB model, and US$299 for the 16 GB model.


Hopefully the plans will not be priced out of reach for most individuals…

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