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A few posts ago, I wrote about Apple iPod Touch HD Tablet and iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

So I just read that Microsoft is coming out with the Zune HD.


It looks like a pretty slick player – similar to the iPod Touch.

The Zune HD has a touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi and a Web browser, much like Apple Inc.’s iPod Touch. Zune users can stream and download music from Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace.

Unlike Apple’s device, the Zune HD also has a built-in HD radio receiver.

Zune HD is the company’s third line of the media player, but so far the Zune has attracted only a tiny slice of a digital media player market dominated by iPods.

A 16-gigabyte model will sell for $220, and a 32-gigabyte Zune HD will be $290. A docking station for sending high-definition video from the gadget to an HD television will be sold separately.

You can read the full post at MSNBC Tech & Science Gadgets

There is also a good comparison provided between the two at MSNBC Tech & Science Gadgets Compares iTouch and Zune HD

Now you can bet that Apple doesn’t want to be outdone by Microsoft, so there is a high probability that all the rumors circulating about the iPod Touch HD are probably true – what’s still unknown is if it will sport a microphone and 3 mega-pixel camera as many rumors have stated.

I’ve also read that a iPod Touch tablet are not in the works for this year – but perhaps in 2010.

Have a read –

Apple is keeping mum on any rumours or speculation about the tablet. It has scheduled a special event on September 9, where the Apple tablet might or might not make an appearance. Some say that we won’t see an Apple tablet this year, but more likely next year.

More on the rumors surrounding the iPod Touch:

I for one would love a iPod Touch Tablet – but if the rumors hold true, and it’s priced in the $700 – $900 range then all but the Apple heads and fanboys will be buying it up.

Though it’s merely a guess, is predicting an Apple tablet will launch in early 2010 to compete with other companies releasing products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

So what’s going to happen? Looks like we’ll have to wait until September/October to find out or as far as January 2010 for CES.

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