Apple iPod Touch HD Tablet

apple ipod touch hd tablet rumorHonestly, I’m not an Apple fanboy – but I sure love my iTouch.  So I’ve been scouring the web to see what the next iteration of the iTouch could look like.

Here is something REALLY interesting:

Could the next iTouch be a tablet?  Some rumors suggest that this is the next evolution since netbooks are hot right now as are ebook readers – so why not marry both into one device? The iTouch and iPhone already have this capability built into them so it is much of a stretch to think that the iPod Touch HD (as it’s being called) could be a tablet PC?  Here is another link – unfortunatley in French:

ipod-touchWhat do you think?  Just the same, iPod Touch with enhancements like a camera and microphone or full blown tablet running the same OS as the current iPhone and iTouch use?

Interested in hearing what you think!


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