Are You A Highly Effective Online Entrepreneur?

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Yesterday I wrote about Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Holding Yourself Back

Today I’d like to point you to a great resource.  I highly recommend that you check it out…

Here is an excerpt and a link to the full post:

If you haven’t read Steven Covey’s bestseller, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by now, I would definitely suggest looking into it: a must-read if you are interested in increasing your productivity and in maximizing results. Based on Steven Covey’s book, this series of articles will be dedicated to seeing everything from the perspective of an online entrepreneur who is serious about long-term success. Here are the 7 habits which will be covered on what will definitely turn out to be a must-bookmark series:

  1. Habit 1: Increasing Self-Awareness

  2. Habit 2: Planning Ahead

  3. Habit 3: Setting Priorities

  4. Habit 4: Thinking Win-Win

  5. Habit 5: Understanding The Market

  6. Habit 6: Cooperation

  7. Habit 7: Staying On Top

And the link to the full post –




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