Are You The Next Dot Com Mogul?


Although this site is all about internet business, and internet marketing – there are a lot of different ways to make money out there.  I’ve mentioned a few notables in past posts (if you click on the title of this post, you will see the related posts) — but have you looked to see who else it out there?  Who else is making money – and not from internet marketing or internet business.  You can learn a lot from these individuals.

John Chow makes a living blogging, and he presents some great information on his site at – you should check it out.

Here is a post on his site that is well worth the read…

Is this going to work for everyone?  No – I’d be lying if I’d say yes.  A lot of what happens is due to market conditions and timing and having a solid marketing plan and a method to execute it.

You should also check out Alan Johnsons’ blog – he tells you openly and honestly how he went from 0 to…

As a blogger, I started out 3 months ago with, just like everybody else: a functional website and a solid business model, 1 visitor (myself) and no RSS readers/newsletter subscribers.

Three months later, having reached one milestone after another, I currently find myself receiving over 50,000 unique monthly visits/ 200,000 monthly impressions and, with over 1,500 RSS readers / 1,500 newsletter subscribers, it’s definitely clear that is on the right track.

The information you will find on these blogs is well worth your visit…



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