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Do you use article marketing to help build backlinks to your site, and bring traffic to it?  Over the last few months we’ve been working with several of our AdSense sites and converted them to Amazon and in conjunction with that have been working on our article marketing and social marketing and are seeing some very good results.  It was really thanks to the Amazonian Profit Plan that we saw a turn around on some of our sites that were, well in the dumps.

Now if you are using article marketing as one of the tools in your toolbox, then you’ll also have noticed a significant change over at – and that is, ta-da Article Title Suggestions.  Now you may be thinking, “so what” – but this is a significant change that will help you out.  EzineArticles is basically giving you 50% of the work – seriously.  When you’re stuck about what to write, you probably hit Google or forums and look for “hot topics”.  I know, we do.  But this one new feature renders most of that research useless — well, not entirely but you get the picture.

I used this feature over the last few days for articles in several different niches, such as weight loss, gaming, and cooking and was greeted with dozens of title suggestions.  I gladly picked up about 5 – 10 titles from the various niches we work in and was able to write up about 3-dozen articles in 3-days time for these niches.

The titles are so targetted that we’d have to seriously start calling you nasty names if you couldn’t figure out how to write the content for the article.

Seriously this new feature should decrease your research time by 30% to as much as 75% and allow you to concentrate on your article marketing and article writing.

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