Aspiring Internet Dot Com Mogul Takes His First Steps!


I finally did it.  I don’t know why it took me so long… but I finally registered my name as a domain name >

I was on John Chows’ website, and according to him in order to be considered an Internet DOT COM MOGUL you need to meet these requirements:

  • Your income is made from the Internet
  • The minimum Internet income level is $10,000 per month (you can not add income from other sources to hit this $10K level)
  • You have no jobs outside of the Internet
  • You have a personal blog with your name as the domain name
  • Your blog must be updated at least once per week
  • A Google search of your name must be at the #1 spot
  • You must be willing to help dot com mogul wannabes

You can also read the full post here…

So I’m working on either developing a unique wordpress theme for my site or having one developed for me.

My “tag” line (since all dot com moguls seem to have one) is going to be “Random Madness From An Aspiring Dot Com Mogul” or something like that.  That particular phrase gets me a score of 183 in Glyphius.

Here are others:

  1. Thoughts From An Aspiring Dot Com Mogul – Glyphius rated 160
  2. Musings From An Aspiring Dot Com Mogul – Glyphius rated 116 (eeeeeew!)
  3. Follow the Journey of an Aspiring Dot Com Mogul – Glyphius rated 137
  4. Follow the Journey to the Making of a Dot Com Mogul – Glyphius rated 181

So Tyler and John use:

I rated these in Glyphius… but will keep the results to myself.  If you have a copy of Glyphius, you’ll see how well they rate (or don’t).

What do you think?  What would make a good tag line for me?

Do you have something even better?

How about we run a contest?  Anyone who can come up with a great tag line, something catchy but makes use of the term “Dot Com Mogul” and the line rates higher that the ones I’ve shown here – I will buy you a domain name through GoDaddy registered for 3 years – $29.85 value.  I’ll register the name for three years and transfer it to you so that you are the sole owner

Simply post a comment here!



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