Autoblogging – Automatic Content Creation For WordPress Blogs

When anyone thinks of AUTOBLOGS, they think of splogs – and there are quite a few of them out there.  But I’m going to review two solid Amazon Content Creators that we use actively in developing our “autoblogs” that generates hundreds of dollars per day in Amazon sales.  We’ll also look at two content grabbers that adds information from Yahoo Answers to your blog and Video from YouTube.  These last two are good, but the content that comes out really looks splogish so we use them sparingly.

Automatic Content Creation for WordPress Blogs

We’ve all probably got dozens of domain names that we don’t know what to do with.  They’ve been purchased at one time or another for the next great idea, but somehow never managed to get going.  We’ve got a few… well about 30 and all are aged nicely (minimum of 5 years old) and are short enough to be memorable and cover several very popular categories such as jewelry, cookware and golf (we’re only naming a few).

The domains sat unused for several years and over the last 6 months or so we decided to sell them — but the offers coming in were paltry – barely covering the cost of domain registration fo the years we’ve had them.  Besides – selling them this way is stupid.  It’s better to set-up blogs on them, add some Adsense and content and if possible link to affiliate programs to generate some money — at least enough to pay the yearly domain registration fees.

In this post we’ll also share some secrets to getting your domain into Google quickly — at least if you were to search for the domain name in a specific way.

Content Creation for WordPress – WP-ZON Builder for WordPress (PLUGIN)

First up is WP-ZON for WordPress.  This is the newest plugin we’ve added to our toolbox and we use this and ReviewAzon on blogs.  We do individual tracking for each product posted from either of the tools so that we can test to see which “format” of post is generating the most interest.

Once you’ve installed WPZon through the WordPress Plugins option and activated the plugin, along the left side of the screen you’ll see the options available to you.  Here you can see that we’ve installed WPZon and ReviewAzon on the same blog.

Several options are available to you – Add To Queue – allows you to select the products to add to the queue, Post Products – allows you to post the products you’ve selected in Add To Queue, General Settings – to control how WPZon works, AWS/Aff. Settings – configuration settings to ensure you get paid for your clicks by Amazon, Language Settings, Integration, Click Reports – so you can see who is clicking on what and finally documentation.

WPZon Add To Queue

From this screen, you select the Amazon category that you want to add products from.  You select the sort order, and enter the keywords.  You have additional filters available to you as well – such as setting max/min prices, minimum average rating, minimum number of customer reviews, 0nly showing products with images and only showing products with availability information.  The filters work very well – however it would be nice if the plugin didn’t even show those items – currently it displays them with the word “filtered” beside the entry, so you still need to go through and search through potentially hundreds of pages.

The nice thing with the queue is that you can jump to particular pages, in addition to going forward/backwards – also becasue the URL is in the browser command line you can jump to any spot you want – so fastforward to page 165 of 400 or use the hyperlinks to jump back/forth.

They are not perfect – for example I had set a minimum price of $150.00 and it showed me two results in the hundred-thousand range but none of the rings in the $50,000-$100,000 range.  But then I also find the filters on Amazon to be wonky.

Once you’ve picked items for the queue, they are shown on the same screen – as well, if you know the ASINs of the products (perhaps by searching Amazon directly) you can add products by ASIN also – a GREAT feature especially if you’ve been able to track down an ASIN database.  For example, I found this Amazon ASIN Database List on  I haven’t looked at the contents to see how current it is but it is HUGE.  Here is the description from the page: A list of ASINs ( product identifiers) generated by extracting ASIN-shaped strings from the list of pages crawled by the wayback machine.  The file is GZIPPED and is 220mb in size.  I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for this, but I’m sure someone has scraped something together — I would imagine that whatever is out there is bound to get outdated since new products are added and removed from Amazon quite regularly.

So once you’ve added all the products next is to generate the posts.

You can add the posts into one, or multiple categories, and in addition to a few other options the key one here is setting custom post dates.  Either post all “now” or random dates.

If you’ve turned on “Click Tracking/Pretty Links” then you can track the clicks that are made so you can SEO optimize for those products.

Here is how this would work.  If you notice that the top x selling products are wooden baseball bats then the next step for you would be to write well thought out posts for those products and post them to your blog and as articles in different article directories – with the link backs to your sites specific products using keyword phrases.  Since people are already searching for those products, the articles will get indexed and when that product is being searched for (remember you are optimizing for keywords based on what you find through your logs and on the clicks that are being tracked) hopefully your articles show up and the searcher clicks on the article, reads it and clicks through on the links to your site and ka-ching – they buy using your link.

I was going to write about the second product in this post – ReviewAzon but this post is getting to over 1,000 words the ReviewAzon review will come up in a couple of days along with short but sweet reviews of a couple of other autoblogging tools that we’ve used and the strategy we took with those blogs and the tools.

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