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I find it very hard to write a post every day on any of the blogs that I run.  Either I get busy with work, or family (I’ve got a very active 4-year old, who can’t sit still for 5 minutes) or need some downtime to relax (no, not in front of the TV).

What to do?

The answer is so simple, you’re probably staring at it and don’t even know it.

In a word.


WordPress supports this, easily.  You can autopost using add-ons, but why go that route?  You can autopost using WordPress native functionality.  It’s really simple.

Here is what I do.

  1. I may have several ideas for blog posts, so rather than try to retain them to memory I log onto my blogs admin panel and type away.
  2. I edit the timestamp for a date in the future
  3. Click Publish.

I’m done.

I’ve now got probably 3-5 days worth of posts, typed up within an hour or so.  Now all I need to do is maintain the blog — so if I have any other ideas, I simply log on and create a new post.

It’s very easy, here are screen shots:

Autopost to your Internet Business blog

Only ONE screenshot.  Simply click the EDIT TIMESTAMP checkbox in the POST TIMESTAMP panel, change the date and click on the PUBLISH button.

Publish in one step to your internet business blog

And you are all done.



Autopost to your Internet Business blog

P.S. Were you looking for a blog autoposter?  This is software which will take posts from other blogs and post it automatically to your own blog.  Not many good reasons to use this type of software, though I’m sure there are some legitimate ones.

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