Becoming A Successful Amazon Affiliate

Becoming successful at internet marketing, whether it’s selling your own information products or getting into the affiliate marketing game takes work. For some it may be easier (aka natural born marketers) – I know someone who could sell sand to an Arab. Then there are others, like me, who have to make mistakes to learn the right way of doing things.

But you can make money in internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. Take a look at this great post over at ProBlogger – it’s a bit old, but the advice is golden – 11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program.

Next up are these two ladies (they don’t like me or Robert leaving comments – so we’ll try a trackback) who are successful at affiliate marketing the Amazon way. This post gives some great advice on how to write product reviews when you don’t actually own the product. Not an easy task, but they break it down quite nicely.

Another great post we found was this one: Social Media Affiliate Marketing Guide 101 – With Amazon - again, a little old but the advice still holds true today.

Two products which we’ve recently purchased for review from Clickbank:

I’m sure there are many more Amazon Affiliate Success Stories out there. We’re researching, but if you know of one – drop us a line.

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