Best 303 Blog Posts of 2007 From The Blogosphere

Internet Business BlogHi,

First off my apologies to all those waiting for their OIBO fix first thing in the AM.  My son caught a cold from his cousins, and decided that everyone at home needed to share.  So I’ve been down with it for about a week. This AM I decided to head over to the doctor, just to check things out — and I forgot completely to publish a few posts the night before.  Sorry!!!

Anyway – onto todays topic…

While researching some other topics for the blog, I came across Jarkko Laine who is Insanely Interested in Everything.  Jarkko has produced – well, not the actual content but links to OVER 300 posts that made it to his Insanely Interesting Links list.

While the links will keep you busy for days and weeks to come – don’t forget about coming back here for more great content, information and chit-chat!

Here is the link to Jarkkos’ site and the post 303 Insanely Interesting Links From 2007.



p.s. The hedgehog has nothing to do with the writing of the post, and I do not employ hedgehogs on the blog doing my writing.  :-)

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