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Carnival of Internet BusinessHi,

Welcome to the Blog Carnival – Fresh Perspectives at Running a Successful and Profitable Internet Business.  The response to the first edition has been great!  Much better than I had expected.  Unfortunately not all the submissions are directly related to running a successful internet business — however if you s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it a bit, I think you could argue that they do have some relavence to running a internet business.  Nevertheless, they are well written and I felt that they should be presented here.

I have visited the sites in question, and have ensured that they are not splogs and that the content is valid.

Without any further delays, here is the first edition of Fresh Perspectives at Running a Successful and Profitable Internet Business:

John Crenshaw presents an excellent article on Banking Scams over at Truthful Lending.  This information is especially relavent if you are running a business or have personal accounts (who doesn’t).  I’ve been hit once by the banks, and only after months of arguing did they reverse the charges.  The post explains a little known scam that accounts for a huge portion of fees paid to banks every year and is going on right uner your nose.  The worst part is, it’s completely legal.

Internet Marketing and Internet Business are global activities, therefore this next post by Bhupendra Khanal is quite fitting to be presented.  Entitled, “Google Loves India“.  If you think about it, India and Asia in general represent a third of the worlds population.  These economies are slowly turning poor into middle class and middle class into upper class — that ALL HAVE money to spend.  Why not look at building relationships with Indian/Asian businesses and blogs to get more reach for your products and services?

Tiffany Colter has a blog that you can find over on Blogspot entitled Writing Career Coach and a great website Writing Coach Answers.  She presents a great post on her Blogspot account called “Pleasant Surprise and How I Got Here“.  Have a read!

Andy over at WebSiteWerx presents Merchant Processing 101 – if you’re thinking about options other than PayPal or Kunaki fror merchant card processing, this his article is a good read.

Carol Bentley presents an excellent article over at her blog Copywriting4B2B entitled ”Appealing to your Target Audience“.

Matt (I assume that is his name, unfortunately there was no About page on the blog) uses his blog to present great information, and as a launch pad for other sites.  He has a great post “Are You Losing Sales With This Simple AWeber Mistake“.  If you use AWeber, then you should take a peek at this post.  Matt also presented a second article, “Stumble Upon Ads Traffic” – StumbleUpon offers paid advertising options, but before you jump on the bandwagon check out Matts’ results.

Edith Yeung has a great blog that can be found at – her submission for this edition is all about Bringing Back the Love.  There is a lot of great information on Ediths’ blog - you should check it out.

Last but not least is Andrea J. Stenberg over at The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur who submitted an article, that to me represented obstacles that DID NOT prevent people from getting what they want.  Well presented, and well written.  Read the post entitled “Learned From The Sports Pages“.  In Andreas’ words the article represents “How Bruce Rumpf, CEO and President of Job1USA, convinced me sports is a great way to predict future trends in business.”.

This concludes the first Edition of Blog Carnival – Fresh Perspectives at Running a Successful and Profitable Internet Business.  I would welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions.  I now use Spam Karma 2 so “real” comments will make it through and spam will get chomped, PDQ.



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