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I’m very guilty of not posting daily, or at least every 2-3 days.  Unfortunately life takes it toll – not that it’s not fun, but you get sick your significant other gets sick, the kids get sick, you’re busy with other things.  So what’s someone to do?

If you can’t blog daily or even every few days, what should you do?

  1. HIRE someone to write for you.  Might be easier than it sounds, but it can be done.  Look for solid companies that write content, give them a dozen topics and have them write 5-10 300-500 word posts about those topics.  Then schedule the posts on your blog – space them 2-3 days apart and you’ll have more than enough content to fill a book (hint).
  2. Article Directories.  That’s what I’m going to start using now.  There are a lot of great articles out there, and you can legally make use of the articles for your blog posts.  Pick some very good articles – yes, it will take time but you will be rewarded in the end.Many of the articles that I find can be expanded upon, so what I tend to do is look for solid articles and as I go through them I make my own points and notes and then work those ideas into a new post.  In some cases from one article, I can work out an addition 3-5 posts.
  3. Guest writers.  If you’ve got a popular blog, you can always ask for guest writers.  That’s another great way to get differing perspectives onto your blog.  Put out the word, but don’t sit back and expect entries to come to you – you need to do some legwork.  Be sure to visit sites that you like, comment on the posts (good comments, offering some value – not “yes I agree” type posts.  As you’re name gets around people will be more willing to guest write for your blog.Remember guest posting takes time away from those writers to write for their own blog.  You need to give them a good reason to write for yours.
  4. PLR E-books.  Break down the e-book into bite-sized chunks.  You will probably need to rewrite the content.
  5. Visit she’s got a GREAT post on resources for finding content for your blog.
  6. Also consider the type of blog post you want to make - there are many types of blog posts: instructional, informational, reviews, lists, interviews, case studies, profiles, link posts, problem posts, contrasting opinions, rants, inspirational, research, collation posts, predition posts, critique posts, debates, hypothetical posts, satirical posts, memes and projects.  Whew.  Just what are these?  Well, I’d love to explain but then they’d require their own post (hint) but why not get it from the source?  It’s a rather old post but still relavent: as you’ll see since comments are still being made on the post.

Do YOU have any other ideas for blog content?  Why not share them with the rest of our readers by making a comment on this post?  Please, no SPAM though – if you have a blog we do link back to it.

P.S. As I posted this, I forgot another way to find content for your blog posts – READERS COMMENTS!  Many times you can use a readers comment as a basis or starting point for your blog post.  DON’T understimate your readers, they may or may not have blogs of their own but everyone brings their own perspectives which can be quite unique.

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