Blog Stats for February, March and April 2008

Here are the website stats for February, March and April 2008:

February 2008

  • Total Page Views – 8,652
  • Total Visitors – 2,457
  • Average Visitors Per Day – 111
  • Page Rank – 0

March 2008

  • Total Page Views – 35,154
  • Total Visitors – 12,800
  • Average Visitors Per Day – 400
  • Page Rank – 0

Remember – in February I switched from to as a result the stats should have been split between the two sites.  I’ve not bothered to do that though…

April 2008

  • Total Page Views – 35,440
  • Total Visitors – 14,907
  • Average Visitors Per Day – 496
  • Page Rank – 4
  • AdSense – $1.70

April saw a little growth – but the blog is still only 4 months old.  But with Robert helping me now, hopefully we can spend more time in promotion but it’s still a TOUGH thing to do as we both work F/T in well established careers that neither of us are willing to give up at this point… well, until we can earn a 6-figure salary through the blog.

…actually I lied.  We made $1.70 in AdSense in April.

RSS Subscribers

View the stats yourself using this URL:

I just can’t seem toget the RSS count up – good?  Bad?  I’ll not dwell on it but try other things.

Money Made

$1.70 – enought for a coffee or tea over at Tim Hortons.

I am not doing a lot to monetize the site, other than AdSense and some affiliate ads.  Just too damn lazy to work on monetization, but I realize I’ll have to get on this soon!!!

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