Blogging – a Skeptics Confession


I admit it, when the blogging started, I was skeptical, as the discussion of online blogs was either that conducted by elitists who poked fun of the online blogs as diaries of the dull or by SEO experts who identified online blogs as the latest trend for advertisers.

I thought – who would want to read my random ramblings on the internet?  Who would be interested in something as “common sense” as raising your kids?  Or throwing the perfect birthday parth.

Well, was I ever wrong.

Blogging, of course, took off.  That’s why I’m here again a few years later making a serious go of it.  Unfortunately the trends change so quickly, it’s a huge effort staying on top of the next “big thing”.

Then again, the statistics and studies are contradictory: for instance, one study covering four years finds that more men than women go online, while another study says women go online more than men do.  (Of course, as with any statistic you have to analyze closely, you should realize that women’s number would be higher as more women live on the planet than do men.)  It is also reported in some places that between the genders of online users, each has a different reason for going online: According to LBN (Levine Breaking News) and Business Report online, men use the net for news, sports, weather, and political and financial info, while women hit the net for social and religious purposes, to check in about health and “other personal problems,” to access religious information and to use email (more than men use it, evidently).

Well, since both genders seek some type of information, if you will, and since hundreds of thousands (millions even) of online blogs have in many instances replaced other online formats, it is likely that those blogs with the most available, accessible, and relevant content will get the most attention. 

So I guess I have to concede to the fact that those blogs with the most traffic will therefore serve to not only provide information but (hopefully, in their writers’ minds) bring in the revenue.  The fact that blogs with their little ads for pimple cream, marketing services or a myraid of other commercial interests are not as invasive as those pop-up ads and the ones that now ghost fly across the screen and are the least of our problems when filtering out the noise of commercial overkill.

Advertising gripes aside, though, some of the most awesome online blogs are those that dispense valuable information and do so with a most entertaining style.

Some of the best online blogs I have ever read can be found in my blogroll.

Do you run a Internet Business blog or Marketing Blog?  I’d love to add you to my blog roll – will you do the same?  Simply comment to this post.

If you will add me to your blog roll, I will certainly reciprocate!  Simply use my name “Mohamed Bhimji” or the name of my blog “Internet Business Opportunities” as the anchor text.



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