Blogging for Dollars – Consistency is the Game


So how do you get readers to your blog?

It certainly doesn’t hurt if you’re mentioned on other blogs:

But what else can you do?

  • Comment, comment, comment!  Comment on other blogs.  Alan Johnson over at said that when he started his blog he commented/participated actively on atleast 40 other blogs!  Here is his comment when he posted as a guest over at John Chow (

    For example: initially, I didn’t just comment on a few blogs, I commented on over 40. Not only that, but I was the most active member of those communities as well and yes, as hard to believe as it may sound, I was the “top commentator” on over 40 blogs.

    Had I just commented here and there, I would have simply gone by unnoticed, but, since I provided value to each and every one of those over 40 communities through both quantity and quality, I did it in style, and I did it in a way which made me stand out.

  • Post CONSISTENTLY!  This new site has been up about 30 days and I’ve got 149 posts – not including this one.  That means about 5 posts per day.  I think that is a little bit overkill so I’ve gone down to 2 – 3 posts per day.  I know that posting multiple times in a day can be tough, but it can be done!

    RSS – subscribe to other blogs feeds!  You will not only get ideas for posting but insight into what others are doing.

    E-Mail – e-mail you receive should also give you blog posting ideas, don’t overlook this valuable resource.

    Comments – blog comments are a GREAT source for blog posting ideas – not only comments on YOUR blog, but comments on OTHER blogs!

I’ve got one GREAT method to capture readers and spread some notariety – however I am going to password protect that blog post.  I honestly feel that this technique could be worth HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and I will share it on a password protected post later this week.  The password protected post will be revealed on Friday by 9:00am PST.  So you MUST subscribe before then in order to get the password.

I will only e-mail the password to those people that have subscribed to the blog alerts service – it’s at the top right of this page.  I will not spam you – that is my promise to you.



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