Blogging Is Some Damn Serious Business!

Earth Day 2008Blogging is damn serious business.  In fact, don’t talk to bloggers in the MMO or IM field about anything else.  Do you fit that mold?  I sure hope not!  Although I don’t wear it on my sleeve, I tend to be socially conscious in that I do donate money to several worthwhile charities.  I don’t like to advertise my charitable donations, but feel that bloggers that have hit it big (like many actors, politicians and businessmen/women) should give back to the community — either by donating their time, and if that is at a premium then donating money to charities.

We’re not talking penis envy here at all – those that have made it, have done so with a lot hard work, action and determination and they should be congratulated for their accomplishments.

These could be charities that bring technology to disadvantaged individuals, or better yet charities that help feed and clothe the hungry and truly disadvantaged in our community.

There are bloggers that do – many may not advertise it, but John Chow does a yearly fundraising for the UGM.  As well, he profiled a site that donates everything they make to charity - here is a link to the site FreeMoneyFinance.

Dr Mani Sivasubramanian did a post on getting involved with non-profits over at ProBlogger.  He mentions the Top 10 Reasons for Getting Involved with Non-Profits, where among other things you’ll feel a sense of Happiness, the ability to Network, a feeling of Purpose and of course Karma — remember the old saying “what goes around, comes around”.

ProBlogger donates as well…

I am sure that there are others and perhaps like me, they wish to remain anonymous as well to the charities that they support.  If there are others that do wish to let us know what charity they support, I am more than willing to create a separate page here and act as a repository for charitable foundations and organizations that bloggers are supporting.

Blogging is damn serious business – but so is taking care of those around us.

…which brings me to Earth Day.  April 22, 2008 was Earth Day.  What are YOU doing to make the world a greener place?  Or to reduce your carbon footprint.  You know, because we’re all in it together.

At home we’ve made some small changes – started using more energy efficient light bulbs, turned down the heater by a few degrees, installed electronic thermostats which are programmed, cut down on automobile usage as much as possible by making less frequent trips and packing MORE into each trip.

We recently upgraded our stove to one that is energy star rated and costs less to operate.

Even Canadian (BC) politicians are getting into Earth Day and environmental issues.

There are a lot of little things that we can do to help the environment.

What are you doing?

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