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One of the goals I had with this site is to present as much information FOR FREE as I can to help newbies become internet marketers. I hope that someone that is more experienced may also get some information out of the site and posts.

Why free? Well, I spent around $10,000.00 over the years on false promises. I don’t blame “them” – but myself. So today, I spend money here and there (not a lot, trust me) to buy PLR and MRR products where I can give them away and when possible, I do give it away.

But todays topic is not PLR or MRR stuff… it’s to show you (maybe a newbie) how to “get into” or “break into” internet marketing.

Just by the definition of internet marketing you need to have something to sell. So how do you get something to sell?

Well you could use private label content. There is a lot available out there. You just have to find the right stuff. Private Label Content or PLR is the easiest way to get into internet marketing and start your first steps. Now at this point, I’m not going to even talk about promoting yourself, your product or site – that’s an entirely different set of posts – not something that I can accomplish in a few words.

Now when post people think of PLR content they think e-book. Think OUTSIDE the box – what ever happened to breaking the content down into auto-responder e-mails? Or how about taking the content, adding to it and releasing it as an audio or video product? Most PLR can be re-packaged, you just need to check the terms of service.

PLR is the easiest and fastest way to get your own product quickly.

But don’t take the PLR as it is. Most PLR that I’ve seen contain a lot of errors – spelling, grammar etc., So you should always look at the PLR and edit, edit, edit until it says “you”.

How do you tweak the product? Simple. Most people own Microsoft Office or at a minimum Microsoft Word. If not, not to worry you can download Open Office and use that. Open Office also has the ability to generate PDF files – something you will need. Download Open Office at

Do you already have some PLR material on your hard drive? Yes? No? There is TONS of PLR material on the web. I don’t want to promote any marketers out there so won’t list any URLs.

Edit the PLR content. Edit, edit, edit. Make it look good. Make good use of images. If you can afford to, have some custom graphics made up – it shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars.

Finally when all is done – convert your document into a PDF.

There it is. Your first product.

Of course the next step is promoting your product. We’ll talk about that in an upcoming post.

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