Businesses Need To Adapt And Change To Prevailing Market Conditions


We all know businesses need to adapt and change to the prevailing market conditions.  Look at the changes that Napster went through.  They went from offering FREE MP3 downloads to a pay model which resulted in them gaining contracts with major record labels and the ability to stave off further litigation and quite possibly bankruptcy.

The owners/managers/directors of Napster saw that they would not survive if they continued in the manner they were going.

They changed to the prevailing market conditions, although being driven to bankruptcy and litigation by an industry with deep pockets certainly helped them make the change that they needed to make.

Businesses in the bricks & mortar world change all the time, they add new services or products that consumers want.

Take this case…

Road Runners Dial A Tire (Located in British Columbia, Canada)

My car recently had a flat tire.  I was stuck.  I can’t change a flat tire, even if my life depended on it (don’t laugh – why do you think I never took shop classes in school?  I hate getting my hands dirty).  What to do?  I did try – but the bolts were on pretty tight and there was no way that I was going to get that flat tire off.

Off to the phone book.

First call was to the CAA/AMA.  They could come out and change the tire, but it would cost me $150.00 for a one year membership! 

Next I called a towing company.  They could come out, at a cost of $50.00 — not bad, I just saved $100.

Finally I found a local company called “Road Runners Dial A Tire”.  They offer on-site tire repair and replacement.  What a cool idea.  They actually come TO YOU and fix your tires as opposed to you going to a garage and wasting hours getting it done.  So I called them up, fully expecting them to charge me oodles of cash since this was a Sunday and late in the afternoon.

Total bill – $600.00.

Let me explain.

The cost to come out was $35.00 – darn cheap.  Then another $15.00 to fix the tire.

When the guy came out (it turned out that he was the owner of the company) he waived the $15.00 charge but when he took the tire off he said it could not be repaired.  There was a pretty large gash/crack in the tire which he said is caused by under-inflation and hitting potholes or other obstacles in the road.  He recommended 4 new tires, which seemed like a good idea since they had to be changed anyway.

He changed the tire with my spare and off he went.  NO cash taken.

Next day another tech shows up at exactly 4:10pm — right on the dime that the owner said he would be there by.

He proceeded to change all the tires, and 40 minutes later he was done.  Where was I?  I helped my wife in the kitchen with cooking supper, set the table.  Read a book with my son, played with him for a few minutes and was ready to head for a shower.

This was great!  I could get on with what I had to do, while the technician was working on my car.

Once he was done, he rang the doorbell and I went out to see the work.  He also commented that the other rear tire was also cracked and it would have had to be replaced no matter what.  So really I only paid for two tires that I didn’t really need since he said that the front tires were good for atleast another 6,000 to 10,000 kilometers.  He even suggested that I hang onto them and sell them because they were in very good condition.

I got 4 new tires, a fantastic warranty and great service.  PLUS my wife and kid was happy – the most important thing!

This business adapted an entirely new model of doing something so simple that we take it for granted.  Rather than spend thousands of dollars on setting up a fixed location for his business and have customers come to him — he’s going out to the customer!  This frees up that individual to do other things; whether that be at home; at the shopping center; at work; or at the kids soccer game.

Here is what their website says about why you should use them:

  1. 24 Hour roadside assistance
  2. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Certified Service
  3. Tires fitted or repaired at a time and location to suit you
  4. Full service including wheel balancing
  5. Tire balancing to cure tire-related vibration
  6. The most up-to-date tire changing technology
  7. Unlimited options of tire brands
  8. On-site winter tire and rim fitting
  9. Road Hazard warranty on all new tires
  10. On-site battery service
  11. Service by run-flat specialists
  12. Rifco Payment Plan options to help get you back on the road with zero payments for 60 days. Finance for 12, 24, or 36 months!

In my mind #1 and #3 are the best reasons that this company will do very well in this business.

  • Will I use them again?  YES! 
  • Will I recommend them to friends?  YES! 
  • Have they received a customer for life?  YES!

His business has truly adapted to the prevailing market condition – and that is to help busy families get on with their life and not have to spend hours at the shop getting a tire fixed, or changed.  On top of the fantastic service work provided, they gave me a lot of advice on how to avoid similar problems in the future.  They know their stuff!

If you’re looking for them, their website is at - they service the lower mainland in British Columbia, Canada.

As you work on developing your internet business with the goal of making money online, you need to adapt and change.  You need to look at other forms of monetizing your site and different ways to drive more visitors to your site – your business needs to adapt and change to what your visitors are looking for.

What is the best way?  Just ask them!  What do they want to see?  What problems can you help them with?

Businesses that do not adapt, will not survive.  There are many examples of failed start-ups, and also many more of start-ups that succeeded where others failed.

Where will you be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year from now?



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