Buying Traffic is probably Useless – Conversions Count!


Have you seen those cheesy ads to buy traffic?  Guaranteed 1,000,000 visitors to your site – cheap, only $1,000 but on sale for you today for $19.95.

Yeah, it would be great if I could get 1,000,000 visitors to my site and hope and pray that someone from that 1,000,000 will buy my product or service.  In fact, this is how spam mail operators work — they know if that they send out billions of e-mails, it will result in sales from tens of thousands of people.

This is like throwing dodo/kaka/poop/whatever on the wall and hoping some sticks (sorry if I’ve offended anyone).

This is NOT the way to grow your business, and if you think it is — then please leave because I won’t be able to offer you any “stupid traffic tricks” to trick visitors to visit your site.

There is a difference between buying traffic and buying ad space.  If you are buying ad space on respected blogs, that are targetted to your market then you have a better chance of getting qualified visitors and then converting them to purchasers of your product or service.

Remember while it’s great to have 5,000 or 10,000 or more people visit your site — if you are not able to convert them, then how else can you monetize on the traffic?  In Internet Marketing and running your own business (whether it is Internet Business or traditional bricks and mortar), your goal is to convert the person visiting into a customer.

Walk into Staples, BestBuy, FutureShop or any other retailer.  How quickly are you left wandering around the store?  You’re not.  As soon as you walk in, you’re “tagged”.  The salesperson “follows” you until you pick-up a product or start peering at something closely.  Then they come and ask “Can I help you with anything”?  Craftier sales people are ready to offer you the warranty or start off with another line that they know will get you talking.  I’ve had sales people tell me the warranty on a product, and if that was important to me.  They hooked me pretty good.

While every retailer knows the value of getting the individual into the door, they know that they now have to convert that visitor into a purchaser.  The lifetime value of some individuals can extend into the tens of thousands of dollars.  If they provide exceptional service and value, they probably have a customer for life.

When you build your business, you need to think the same way.  You need to attract visitors (but NOT by buying 1,000,000 visitors), show them that you are providing them with value and they will come back again, and again.  They will buy your products and services without even thinking about it — because they value you and consider you an authority.

Let me share another story with you.

A friend of mine knows audio/video equipment very well.  He is a “professional” in this area, meaning he knows how to pick the right equipment for the space you want to put it in.  So he offers his services to friends, for free.  As his friends used him, they told others and so on.  My friend uses only one retailer to make purchases, and within that retailer he will only buy from one salesperson because of the quality of service and product.

Do you think the store owner wants to loose that salesperson?  Nope.  Do they want to loose his friends referrals?  Not at all.  They understand the value that these people represent to their business.

Offer your visitors real value, build yourself into an authority and you will do well.  Buy 1,000,000 visitors that are not targetted and you will suffer.



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