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Aaron had an excellent post about audio interview suggestions a few weeks ago, one of the things he touched on was a good way to record the interview.  He received some great responses to the post.

So here is the scenario – you’re out somewhere, perhaps golfing or taking a leisurely stroll along the ocean, or on your way to a tropical destination and you get a fantastic idea for a new product.  Where do you note it down, so that you don’t loose it?

There are a couple of options for you.

  • Pocket PC – these things are great!  I have one that is about 3-years old, and can do pretty much everything with it.  You can record notes on these as well, as they are multi-purpose they are great tools.
  • Digital recorder – these are a great tool also.  They are small, and compact and will cost 10% to 15% of a PDA.  If all you need is the ability to make a note of thoughts without anything fancy, then the digital recorder is the way to go.  Many MP3 players have built-in digital recorders, or you can purchase a “dedicated” digital recorder.  Most of the recorders come with USB connections and some may even include the ability to use SD or micro-SD cards to expand the available memory.

I have my Pocket PC, which I find an indispensible tool and my MP3/digital recorder to record quick thoughts on the go.



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