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We all know that selling ClickBank products can be difficult - there are hundreds of products listed and some are good - but many are bad. Here is something that I put together for you to see if that CB product you want to push through CPC (cost per click advertising) is going to make you money or make you broke. We DO NOT need any keywords - you should have done this research PRIOR to using this tool.

Now I cannot guarantee you anything. Just because you plug numbers in here and a result is shown does not mean that you will make money selling that product. There are a lot of factors to take into accounting including but not limited to skill level/experience.

Enter the expected conversion rate (the number of sales per 100 expressed as a percent). Normally for CB products unless you are selling to a pre-built list of buyers or potential buyers the conversion rate is about 1% - a safe number to start with.

Next enter the refund rate - most people will keep what they buy no matter what but some people who think it's junk will ask for a refund. I would stick with a number like 4% or 5% in some cases the ClickBank product owner may divulge refund rates.

Finally enter the amount of commission you will get for the sale. This is found in the affiliate section for any ClickBank products.

Enter your click inventory and finally enter the average cost per click. What is "click inventory" basically this means that once you've researched your keywords and if you have used Google, Google will also report the number of estimated clicks you could get for the keywords you have selected. You simply total this number and plug it into the click inventory field.

Now some clicks will cost you more, and others less that is why you use the average cost per click.

Following fields are required...
Conversion Rate %
Refund Rate %
Commission $
Click Inventory
Average CPC $

Conversions Per Day
Net Conversions
Commissions Per Day
AdWords Cost Per Day
Profit/Loss Per Day
Break Even CPC
Profit/Loss Per Month

If the profit per month or profit/loss per day is NEGATIVE you probably should re-think your plan. If it is positive, then you could have a winner - but that's for YOU to decide.

Over the next week or so, I will put together a video that takes you from A to Z on how to use this tool. It will include the following:
  • Quick introduction to ClickBank and the ClickBank Marketplace
  • Using Google Adwords to do basic research
  • Using the data gathered to plug numbers into this tool and see the results

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  1. Angel says:

    CB Evaluator tool doesnt work?

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