Commentators Rule!


Am I right in stating that commentators rule?

Am I wrong?

Commentators make or break a site – no matter what anyone else says.

As you build your image, and brand — how do you want to be perceived?  Flat?  Rounded?  Friendly?  Pure business?

Commentators help propel your blog, they are the ones that help spread the message – without them you’ve just got a cold/static blog/site.  Add commentators is like adding the 7-Up to the orange soda, or the cinnamon in the cinnamon buns — they add the sparkle, uniqueness, vitality and excitement to any site.

In recent days I’ve added the following plug-ins:

  • Recent Comments
  • Top Commentators
  • MyBlogLog Widget

The MyBlogLog widget is great – it gives you a visual indication of who is visiting your site.  I visit many sites and leave “my mark” — well, actually my avatar.  Now with the widget installed on my site, I’ll be able to see exactly who is visiting instead of just looking at the numbers in my stats package… which incidently I have now broken the 100 visitor per day barrier.  I just couldn’t get past it.  But I’m now up to 250 visitors per day with about 35% being unique — which amounts to about 7,500 per month in total.  Yah I know that some sites get that in one day…but I’m working my way up there!

Anyway – adding your personal style to your blog IS NOT A BAD THING!  Try it – you’ll be surprised at the reaction!



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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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