Contest Updates – MooneyQuest & ThatBlogSite

As I mentioned many, many moons ago that I had offered up prizes for three different contests which were running.

The first contest was over at MooneyQuest, in which the winners were announced on May 8, 2008.

The winner of 3-months of 125×125 banner advertising was bunnybox9 at lycos dot com

The winner of the paid review was contestwhiz at gmail dot com

A message has been left over at MooneyQuest for those individuals to contact us at OIBO so that we can set them up.

There is still one more contest that we are sponsoring – here it the link to the contest over at – check it out!  Over $2,000 worth of prizes and it runs until the end of May 2008.

Robert Benjamin


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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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