Cool Domain/Sub-Domain Webmaster Trick, Hack – Whatever

I can’t take credit for this hack, I read about it just a few weeks ago – but didn’t bookmark the site or note the person that mentioned it.  It’s a brilliant hack on domain names.

We all know that an exact match domain name garners more “sympathy” from Google and quite possibly other search engines but the cost of registering exact match domains can be daunting and quite possibly you may not get an exact match domain.

This is a pretty good trick.

Register a domain as “COM-something.COM (or net, or org) (the something could be PRICE, BESTPRICE, BESTPRICES, PRICES, REVIEW, REVIEWS – something that a potential buyer would be searching for as part of their search parameters – think like a consumer, you are one ya know).

Suppose your product you are promoting is the Emporio Armani Men’s AR2434 (a pretty nice watch, by the way) Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch and through some keyword research you decide for an exact match domain of but it’s taken (it’s not).  Darn, but hey you have registered COM-PRICE.COM (taken) or COM-BESTPRICE.COM (taken) or COM-BESTPRICES.COM (available) [ and are gone] so instead drop your site onto EmporiArmaniAR2434.COM-BESTPRICE.COM.

If you look at this at first glance you will probably see this:


Your keyword research will probably also show that when you have people searching with specific keywords they are probably looking to buy.  I know when I search for a product I’ll usually use <product name> best price or <product name> best prices or <product name> prices or <product name> price.

Very high probability that if you optimize right and the purchaser lands on your page you can ring up a sale since to them they’ve arrived at exact match product name dot com.

If you use this technique, I’d love to hear how it has worked for you.  Drop us a comment – we moderate them now, but if there is no spam we’ll approve them.

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  1. thank you, i wan’t to try your trick. very cool. :D

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