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250x250-make-money-fireHey – I know I’m a little far behind on the series of posts that I was to present – I haven’t forgotten… so why have I not posted? Well, it goes like this. I have oodles of domains that I bought years ago with the intention of doing something with them.  But haven’t.  Some are new, but most are 6+ years old!  They range in areas such as:






  • Catering
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Green Initiatives
  • Dating
  • Classifieds
  • Marriage and Wedding Planning

So I thought of getting off my ass and doing something about them.

First thing was to find a good, attractive and (free) theme.  I mean, I’ve already spent a fortune on these domains ($400/year for the lat 7 years) and I should either do something with them or let them expire.  But I think that they are good names, so don’t want to do that and decided to do something with them.

So I started to develop my travel themed sites and within 3-days have managed to attract search engines and am getting ranked for some great keywords.

I’m also looking at putting up my dating website (yet again) for one of my dating domains – the nice part, I don’t have to do anything other than promote it as there are several white label dating platforms out there and I’ve narrowed my choices down to 2 that look very good (more on that once it’s up and running).

So I’ve been pretty busy and have neglected a few of my blogs.

So back to the theme.

I found this great cool make money online theme called Flexability and you know what.  It’s FREE.

Now FREE is usually crap, but this theme is GREAT!  You can control virtually EVERY part of the template.  The options are extensive, to the point that it has built-in ADSENSE!  This is a good theme, I’m using the theme on my travel related blogs.  The them looks sharp and professional, honestly for the price (FREE) you CANNOT beat this make money online theme.  I HIGHLY recommend it.


These guys also produce another theme that will cost you a bit of money (but if Flexibility is any indication of what the theme can do) it’s WORTH IT!  In fact it’s one of the only themes that I’ve seen where you can run skins on it!  So one them and dozens of different skins – making the theme extremly extensible.

They have several “versions” of the theme available as well:

  1. FlexSqueeze Single Use Version (only for one site)
  2. FlexSqueeze Multi Use Version (for as many sites as you wish)
  3. FlexSqueeze Developers Version (more expensive – but it is the developers version)

They also give you over $500.00 worth of vector graphics – and no there are NOT your typicall, run-of-the-mill crappy graphics you see floating out there.  These are very high quality images – 250 of them!


vector-box-150pxAND if you purchase their SqueezePage Vector package at the same time, you can save yourself $20.00 off of the full-price of the Vector Package.  This package really is nice and the quality is that of the FREE graphics they provide with the FlexSqueeze theme. 

The SqueezePage Vector package is the Ultimate Squeeze Page Vector Pack that will allow you to take your sales pages to the next level with professional vector artwork.

Seriously if you are tired of seeing same sales page graphics over and over again and have been burned on E-bay from other graphics packs that gave you 10 good images and a bunch of filler then you must look at the SqueezePage Vector.

The image below doesn’t do justice to the quality of the images provided…


If you’ve ever looked for a good WordPress make money online theme and vector graphics package – then look no further.

I was able to put up my travel blog within 2 hours LOADED with articles and news feeds using the free version of the theme.  Can you imagine what you will be able to do if you purchase the FlexSqueeze Theme?

To see a real live site using FlexSqueeze/Flexability Theme check out ReviewAzon (which incidentally is one of the best plug-ins out there to add Amazon reviews to your blog – I am planning on purchasing this for one of my niche blogs).



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