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We get several questions either e-mailed to us or comments left on what it is we do that allows us to be successful in affiliate marketing.  A lot of people ask for samples of our websites and not the information we provide.

Naturally we won’t provide our sites to anyone, because while a copycat site might be a flattery it affects us negatively.  More often that not people just rip-off our posts, articles or reviews and paste them on their site.

When it doesn’t generate sales or traffic, they call us liars.

The thing is just because something has worked for us does not mean it will work for you.  A lot needs to be taken into account when you figure you can “copy our success”:

  • Domain name
  • Blog or site template used
  • Colors, fonts, layout and other design considerations
  • Post content and titles
  • Keyword research
  • Target audience

These are only a few things to consider.

Every marketer and affiliate needs to work on their own angle for generating traffic and sales.  You need traffic to generate sales.  We’ve told you some ways we generate traffic:

  • Autoblogs using top-rate WordPress plugins (see the list on the sidebar to the right)
  • Article marketing with submissions to the top 3 – 5 article directories
  • Backlinks with good quality sites — buying 1,000 links does not help, trust us we’ve tried it as a marketing experiment

Consider the post we made earlier today – Why Buy Ninja Affiliate - this is what we mean by putting a your own spin or angle on generating money from your website.  Of course you can’t do something like that without having a lot of traffic first – but once you are at that point, it can be done.

In fact the amount of time you waste trying to find someones website to copy or ask if you can see their website to learn what they do could, your time could have been put to better use by doing it on your own.

There are lots of sites you can learn from, two that we used when we first looked at Amazon for affiliate sales was: (naturally), and – while it’s tough to “copy” their layout and you may find yourself in legal trouble if you do (the whole look and feel thing) but you can certainly get idea of how they do things and put your own perspective on that and incorporate it into your blog.

Over time your blog or website will also evolve and improve. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing you will probably see a lot of gurus trying to sell you products that allow you to “look over the shoulder” or copy their success – honestly, you can’t do that.  It just does not work that way and they know it.  They also know that maybe 1% of the people that buy their products will even put them to use. 

Don’t be a IM junkie, follow tried and true advice to help you generate your first $1.00 and your next $100,000.00 – it can be done.


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  1. mohamedbhimji says:

    Hi Sandra – you found an old post! I agree with you – you need to be original in your own ways.

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