Could Your Internet Business Survive a Nuclear Attack? Part II


Wow – I e-mailed DNSMadeEasy and rec’d a reply within minutes!  Good customer service.

So they confirmed my assumption.  This is how the system would work:

  1. Site 1 at Host A.
  2. Site 1 – Backup at Host B.
  3. Set your DNS settings at your domain name registrar to the DNS address provided by DNS Made Easy.
  4. Manage your DNS for each host through your DNS Made Easy account.


Their system will check your Host A every 2-4 minutes to see if the site is alive.  If not, it will automatically change the DNS to the next in queue — in fact according to their website you can have up to 3 IP addresses identified for DNS Failover with their Business Membership  So you can have up to 3 back-up sites running.  If all 3 go down — then there are bigger problems, and no amount of redundancy or failover would help — but what are the chances that all 3 (if you were to use that many) would go down at the same time?  The chances are probably very slim.

Of course, it is up to you to ensure that each back-up site contains the latest information.

Their service is very inexpensive, at $59.95 per year which provides you with a Business Membership.

Check out DNS Made Easy at


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