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I admit, I (not Robert) am spending too much time in the internet marketing forums.  It’s like a drug, but trying to shake it and quitting cold turkey didn’t help.

One of the things that I’ve seen over and over is offers to create videos or tutorials to create videos.  Most make use of Windows MovieMaker (oooooh, what a big secret that is and you could “buy the secret” for only $9.95), and yet others teach how to use PowerPoint (ooooooh, what another big secret) to create “stunning, professional videos”.  Blah.  Guh.  Whatever.

Here are several sites where you can create videos online free.  These are not some crappy sites either that allow you to pull together crappy videos, with crapph images and music.  These sites and the software they provide are unbelievable!  Most will allow you to create FREE 30-second videos, but you end up with their branding (which might be OK) but you can subscribe to them for CHEAP!  Seriously if you are using video to sell products or services, you NEED to check these sites out.

Here is a video that we produced:

This was produced very quickly (about one hour worth of work) using PowerPoint, image captures with SnagIt and finally put together on Animoto.

AnimotoAwesome site.

$2.50 per month (or $30.00 per year) when you pre-pay for one year otherwise $5.00 per month (or $60.00 per year) – why would you go month-to-month?  Seriously if you are video marketing and you sell one product per month you have probably made more than you spent on the video marketing through Animoto.

Animoto allows you to create, but they do not have a directory of videos ala YouTube, however even with the free version you can upload your videos to YouTube – you just can’t download them for personal use; but seriously at $2.50 per month or $30.00 per year why would you NOT buy a subscription???

Check them out at

MasherNext up is Masher – great logo, cool site and FREE.

They also provide hundreds of video clips from the BBC library for you, in addition to music!  Anything you create on Masher can also be displayed on their website for others – Masher is like YouTube but with the video editing/creation capabilities.

Check them out at

One True MediaOne True Media also provides for affordable video creation online.  It’s priced at $39.99 per year.  The free version allows you to store 200mb of your creation online, and limits you to 30-second videos.


Check them out at

If you head on over to there are several more services that are shown.  As far as I could tell, signing up through YouTube doesn’t get you premium accounts – you still get a basic account as is advertised on the respective companies websites and you have the option of upgrading to a full account.

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