Cross Linking Keywords With Redirection

On one of my other affiliate blogs, I was looking for an easy way to cross link keywords with simple redirection to an affiliate site.

Initially I was going to write my own plugin to handle this, so it could be done dynamically.

I started developing this – but then thought, there has to be an easier way.  Remember as a former IT guru and programmer, we always look for the easy way out.  So I searched and found two WordPress plugins that, after experimenting a little, did the trick.

The first plugin, which I’ve talked about before on the blog is called REDIRECTION.  You can download it from

This plugin allows you to set-up a pre-defined URL to be redirected to another URL and you can even set the redirection type.

The sweet thing is that the redirections are even tracked – you see the number of hits and the last time the URL was accessed.


Sorry – the image isn’t the greatest (this theme isn’t the widest, and I don’t want to mess with trying to make it wider).

So you enter your SOURCE URL, how you want to MATCH, set the ACTION and check-off REGULAR EXPRESSION and enter your TARGET URL and click ADD and you’re done.

Then in your post when you link a keyword for example “internet marketing” to the URL and the actual URL goes to – when the user clicks on the full URL it will redirect them to the REDIRECT.

Now that is powerful.  But combine this with cross-linking and you get something that can’t be beat!

The cross-linking plugin that can be found here – - allows you to specify a keyword or phrase and have it link to a URL.  So I use this tool to cross-link a keyword “internet marketing” to a URL specified in the REDIRECTION plugin.

So you’re thinking.  Big deal.

It is.  Because the cross-linking works accross ALL POSTS.  So if I have 500 posts with a specific keyword, I can now link each instance of that keyword to a particular URL rather than doing it one-by-one.

The advantage – I can switch affiliate links quickly and easily and your blog turns into one BIG marketing tool.

While you may not want to cross-link common words otherwise your page will look pretty messy there are alot of other techniques you can use to “hide” the link so that it doesn’t look ugly — for example, just remove the underline or change the color of links to be lighter or darker than the other text.

If you sit and think about it, you can use the cross-linking tool along with redirection to help in boosting the value of another site or blog post. 

Both tools used together are very powerful!


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