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Looking for custom wordpress themes, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Do you know how many sites are out there that provide custom WordPress themes?  Google told me that there are 574,000 sites that have the word “custom wordpress themes” in their index.  You try looking through 574,000 pages, not me.

Themes are an important part of any site.  They express the site owners interests, they also determine whether you’ll get repeat visitors — or will they drop you.  In addition to an attractive theme, you need to pay close attention to the layout.  Is it easy to manouver?  Are things where you expect them to be?  Meaning – do you need to hunt for specific information or is it easily visible?

Does the theme look like it was coded by a newbie, or as the designer put in some serious thought to the theme?

In looking for just the right theme for my blog (I like this one - it’s nicer than my previous theme - nothing against the designer, I just didn’t like it personally) I visited hundreds of sites.  Some themes were good – but not right.  Others didn’t allow for easy integration with plugins or widgets so you had to do things manually – this is the last thing you want to do unless the theme you are using is the final one you will work with OR you have someone who can help with integration.  Messing with themes can result in unexpected consequences!

The first site I’d like to recommend is Webmaster-Source.  Matt, who runs Webmaster-Source has put together a list of 31 great custom WordPress themes.  You should check it out.

The next site I will recomment is Noupe – which is run by ??? (seriously, I couldn’t find a name… perhaps when they see the trackback they’ll give me one and I can update the post).  They list some really, really nice themes.  There are some free ones in there and some pay versions — but all are very pleasing to look at.  Check out this post at Noupe – 45+ Must See WordPress Themes.  Just as a side note, there are some fantastic resources at Noupe – highly recommended!

Of course the ultimate would be to have a WordPress theme custom designed for you.  A good theme will probably run you between $500 and $1,500.  I’ve not spent anytime looking into this as this is something that I’m not looking at doing for my own site right now.

The image used in this post is from the site – here is the post –  Probably worth spending some time here as they have a pretty large readership of almost 12,000 RSS subscribers.

If you do have recommendations for other sites that provide custom WordPress themes, please share them!



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