Cut The Frigging Marketing Crap Already!

I love reading other blogs, like John Chow, Yaro and many others.  So naturally I subscribed to their blogs for e-mail updates, or I may have opted in to receive an e-book from their site – but somehow I managed to give them my e-mail address.

While I like to get updates about what they’re doing, has anyone noticed the amount of marketing drivel they’ve ALL been sending out?

Here are a few headlines I’ve had over the last few days – this reminds me of my days when I was hunting for the get rich quick scheme and every friggin marketer and their dogs were glad to sell me crap:

  • Mohamed You Have Less Than 24 Hours To Receive $1,000 Bonus
  • A case study of a $10K/month membership site
  • Who else wants to run a successful membership site from home?
  • How To Get Membership Site Mastermind for Free!
  • How I made $211,969 while traveling the world
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Launching a Membership Site
  • How I launched a 6-figure income membership site
  • Mohamed, CLOSED (you are too late??)
  • Brazilian blogger launches $10K/month membership site
  • How I launched a 6-figure income membership site

You know, I expect stuff like this from some of the other marketers lists I subscribe to – but I don’t mind because I know I’m going to get spammed for products that are years old.  But to get this from people that I respect? 

Now I know what you’re saying – “but they ARE marketers… they are going to try and sell you something”.  Yes I know that, but I don’t expect to get one e-mail talking about a new post and the next e-mail spamming me about Membership Site Mastermind.  What a flipping waste of my time having to go through this and DEL/DEL/DEL the crap so that I can find the “good” stuff.

You know what the solution should be?  A warning when you subscribe to their lists or FREE stuff that says something to the effect:

  • By signing up for this FREE E-BOOK you agree to allow us to SPAM YOU with anything and everything that is launched by any marketer out there.  You agree to let us e-mail you up to 50 times per day to try and convince you that what we’re flogging this week is the latest and greatest and that you simply must have it no matter how much it is.  In order to convince you to buy this from ME and nobody else I will throw in $100,000 worth of useless shit that I’ve been giving away for free anyways but for you we’ll pretend that you’re the first person to see it.  Oh, and while we e-mail you 50 times per day for whatever we’re flogging we’ll send you some random useful messages to prove to you that we really do care and want to help you succeed – but remember you can only succeed if you buy the package we are trying to sell you plus don’t forget you’ll get $100,000 worth of valuable e-books, MP3 audio recordings and VIDEO of my <insert seminar name here> sell out $10,000 per seat seminar.  Did we mention that you’ll get $100,000 worth of free products if you buy through my affiliate link?

Hmm… did I cover everything?

Time to unsubscribe from so many of these bloggers that I enjoyed so much…


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