What Not To Do If You Are Feeling Blue

Blah Days

Do you ever have one of those “blah” days?  Not excited to do anything… and in fact just feel more depressed when you do decide to do something.

I’m having a blah day.  Actually feels like a blah month, but it’s more like a few days.

I was checking my stats – I know what you’re going to say – and noticed that there was a dip in the visitors to the site last week.  That depressed me.  So I started investigating what could be the problem, and I found that when I surfed my own site it was crashing.  So deactivate ALL plugins (the site looks like crap then) and enable them one by one to see what’s causing the problems.

Wasn’t any of the plugins.  So next up are some of the add-ons in the sidebar.  I was hoping it wasn’t MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog — luckily it wasn’t.

As far as I can tell it was the EntreCard widget.  The site would load, but it would crash almost immediately.  What was even more frustrating is that it was not consistent!

So that made me feel a little better.  Still feeling a little blue though… so I decided to go out and shop.  That always cheers me up, and I really wasn’t going to buy anything.  I thought I’d just kick the tires.

What NOT TO DO When YOU Are Feeling Blue

OK, there is a difference between feeling blue, and being depressed or being treated for depression.  This post reflects my goofiness and totally not serious nature about this topic meaning – read it with a grain of salt, OK?

So I head down to a luxury car dealership.  My favourite car is anything S class Mercedes.  Obviously the sales guys know I don’t have the bux for one of these puppies — only $190,000.00 for one sweeeeet ride.  But I would look pretty good in it, no?

Mercedes S Class

Whadda ya think?  The plates go well, eh?

OK so I quit dreaming and head on over to something I know I can afford – TECHNOLOGY!!  So I really go into the store with the intention of looking around to perk myself up.  Welllll let me tell you – DO NOT GO SHOPPING IF YOU ARE FEELING DEPRESSED.  It is expensive.

I ended up walking out of Staples with new digital camera, accessory kit and memory.  I also figure I’ll need some place to store those images, not like the 500gb drive I have right now would be enough so I end up buying a 1tb drive.

Done?  Nope.  Not yet.

Headed over to BestBuy and FutureShop and before you know it, the sales guy talked me into a wicked brandspankin’ new laptop!  So I was only looking at the MacBook Air, I really wasn’t going to buy it.  But picked up this bad ass laptop and it was lighter than some of the magazines that I buy.

We’re almost done.

I need a better external monitor.  Yup, you guessed it.  New monitor to boot.

So I get it all home, I’m on cloud 9 cuz I just spent several thousand dollars on stuff that I really don’t need — but what the hell, right?

Lesson to be learned – DO NOT shop when you are depressed.  It will either make you MORE depressed, or your significant other will just throw you out of the house. 

…So I give myself a few days and I’ll be returning most of the stuff I bought.  Yah.  I’m sure the folks over atShopping Cart Full Staples and FutureShop are gonna love me!  Well… Staples won’t care they are not on commission, but FutureShop guys are and they make it hell to return anything.

But it was sure FUN!

But on the bright side, I did dig myself out of being a little blue!!!

So I broke some rules of things that you SHOULD do when you’re feeling blue…

  1. You should try and socialize with others.  Talking with a good, close friend that you trust may just help you out.  If you can confide in them, then they won’t mind if you vent.  That’s what good friends are for.
  2. Do something for yourself.  Don’t buy (or even think about buying) a $190,000 luxury car by mortgaging your house, or selling your first born to the devil… definately DO NOT GO SHOPPING!  Do something to that won’t cost you a fortune and quite possibly more headaches later on.
  3. Rent or go watch a movie.  Should have done this!!  It would have saved me a rather expensive shopping trip.
  4. Do something for someone else – volunteer your time for a cause you believe in.
  5. Forget the past as well as you can, and work on the future.  You can’t change the past, but you can certainly control your future.
  6. Exercise.  Gets the adrenelin flowing, and is a great mood lifter.

So there were actually a few things that I could have done, but instead concentrated on Love and Marriage#2 and took it to the extreme.

I must say though, the MacBook Air is one nice machine!  Maybe if I beg and plead da wiff she’d let me keep it???  Naaaaaah… why tempt fate?


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