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Everyday I spend atleast one hour or thereabouts visiting some of the people on my blogroll.  They all over fantastic information, and many probably have more diverse sources of information than I do or are more experienced in certain aspects of Internet Marketing that I am — there is absolutely no harm in admitting you are not the “gawd” or know-it-all guru of IM.  We all learn, right?

So today I was at Fred Blacks site, PQInternet.com and he has written an excellent post – you can check out out here: http://www.pqinternet.com/121.htm.  The title of the post is “Will The Real Blogger Please Stand Up…”.

Here is a quote from his post (I do suggest you read the entire post, and even the comments):

One of the biggest drawing cards to the popularity of blogs is that, as a reader, you are given the opportunity to get to know the blogger at a more personal level than regular web site. Blogs are, by their nature, updated more frequently than traditional web sites. In addition, blogs are usually written with a writing style more like talking with a friend than giving a formal presentation.

Call me naive or stupid, but I go against the grain of a lot of bloggers in this market in that I don’t use ghost writers, interns, or employees to write my blog entries. Like a salmon swimming upstream, every letter of every word you read here is typed with my own hands, and unless I’m quoting someone, it is all thought of in my own brain.

I agree with Fred fully.  I did comment on his post:

An excellent post.  I’ve followed the advice of another IM’er (JB) and there is a lot of wisdom in what he says – especially if you want to have your business run on “auto-pilot” or with minimal intervention.

I like the idea of having a ghostwriter write the blog posts — but I’m wary of that.

Like all bloggers chances are that a post on your site may be as a result of reading something else somewhere else — which is fine, especially if you put your own spin onto the topic.  However more and more often I see a post, (for example only) on your website then see similar posts all over the place and in some cases it’s the exact same title being used! 

Now if you know the writing style of the site owner you will clue in that it’s probably a ghostwritten or intern written post.  If the individual is doing this — then shouldn’t there be some type of reference back to where they spotted the idea from? 

Writing something new everyday is a daunting task, I struggle with it but manage quite well.  I do find ideas from other blogs but always provide reference to my readers and visitors — after all shouldn’t you give credit where it is due?

Will I ever use ghostwriters or interns?  Who knows — right now, I don’t think so but that could change.  But if I ever do I will ensure that if the individual uses someone elses posts as the ground work for my post that they provide proper credit and at minimum a reference to the post that gave them the idea.

Fred is correct – reading a blog is like delving into the mind of the writer.  If you’re reading a post that was not written by the blog owner but rather by an intern or ghost writer — are you gaining any additional insight into that person?

To make things clear: I do not use ghost writers, and I don’t have any interns.  I do write 99.99% of my own posts, that .01% are articles that I’ve either had ghost written for me years ago that I am using today but in 100% of the case I rewrite the article and interject my own thoughts and comments into them

I’m curious to know what YOU think and welcome your feedback.



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