Digital Picture Frame – Update

Well if this isn’t a DOH moment, I don’t know what is.

So I have the software installed on the hard drive, I stuck with Windows XP – it’s all ready to go but I’ve run into one MAJOR FOOBAR.  The CPU over-friggin-heats BIG TIME.

So I throw on the heat sink – but it jacks up the PC quite a bit.  But it still heats-up.  So I can’t really keep the heat sink towards the backing as it will probably cause a fire and the opposite way might also cause a fire (you know, the wall).  So I have to tinker A LOT MORE to get it working.

Luckily I’ve got all the parts – like the fan and other stuff so now I’ll probably end up having to spend more to see if I can throw a heat sink with CPU fan.  But that also means I need some way to power the laptop on/off…

So this just went from a weekend job to something which is much more complicated.

Sigh.  I guess I’m not a geek after all.


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