Displaying Amazon Videos On Your Site

Producing videos can be a real pain – grabbing images, putting them together using Windows MovieMaker or PowerPoint, or even something like Animoto then uploading them to YouTube so that you can display them on your WordPress blog. Huff… Huff… Huff… a lot of work.

But did you know that you can place Amazon videos onto your website?  But first a word of warning – this may go against the Amazon TOS (Terms of Service) for Amazon Affiliates, so use it at your own risk!

Simply go to a video that you would like to display on your site and click PLAY then PAUSE:

Display Amazon Videos On Your WordPress Blog

Here is a video for the LG 47LM620 47-Inch Cinema 3D LED-LCD TV.

See the “Share” button?  Click on it.

That video will now open up in another page/tab.  Next some underhanded cutting and pasting… you will want to VIEW SOURCE and will see a lot of gobbeldygook if you’re not familiar with HTML and if you know your HTML when then, I guess it won’t be gobbeldygood.

You want to search through the code for this string:

<object classid=

Next you want to COPY all the text from the start of that until the end of the text that reads </object>, so it should look like this:

Amazon Videos On Your WordPress Blog

I haven’t shown the entire length as it won’t fit.

Once you’ve COPIED this test, simply paste it into a WordPress post (in HTML mode), then publish your post.

There is one tweak you will want to make and that is turning off AUTOPLAY.

The string you are looking for is this:

autoPlay=1 and you want to change it to autoPlay=0

There are only two occurrences of this.

If you are HTML savvy you can make other changes to the video like:

  • allow full screen
  • can resize
  • width
  • height

This method does not put the video on your site – you are simply linking to the video on Amazon’s website, and when it is played you are utilizing Amazon’s resources.  They may or may not like this so use caution when trying this!

On another topic entirely…

This is not the same as playing your Amazon S3 videos in WordPress for that you probably want to search for Amazon S3 video WordPress or just click HERE for a WordPress plugin (FREE) that will allow you to play embed and stream your videos right off of Amazon’s S3 storage service.

Now although this is off topic there are some issues you could run into with the Amazon S3 storage.

If you use Amazon S3 the way most marketers do there is a possibility that you’re paying too much money and potentially losing sales.

If you…

  1. Run a membership site(s)
  2. Are engaged in video marketing
  3. Use Amazon S3 service
  4. Use WordPress

Did you know that there are over 1.4 BILLION files on Amazon S3 that can easily be stolen? The tools are out there and it’s really easy for someone to find your media vault on the Amazon S3 service.

No, I’m not going to show you how to find S3 buckets (though it is pretty easy).

If you do use the Amazon S3 storage service you should look at S3 FlowShield. Compared to what you could lose, the cost is a drop in the bucket.

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