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Google Page Rank

So something really weird was going on last night, did YOU notice it?

I’m talking about Google Page Rank.  Last night, if you visited the site you would have seen my page rank having shot-up to 4 (COOL) but this AM when I checked again, I confirmed that it’s still 0 (NOT COOL).

It appears that Google is coming up to a Page Rank update soon.  In fact Daniel over at DailyBlogTips is also talking about this.  Court over at Courts Internet Marketing School is also talking about a possible upcoming Google Page Rank update.

I’m kinda hoping for a Google surprise… but only time will tell.

I’m curious to know whether anyone else out there is seeing oddities with their sites page rank.

Drop a line here, if you’re seeing a page rank update on your site.

Here is an update – got home and did another check of the site, and sure enough it’s showing page rank.  COOL!

OIBO Page Rank Google

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